Osteopath Debrief

Jane is a Registered Osteopath having qualified from the College of Osteopaths in 2011. 

Since qualifying, she  realised that there is a real need for osteopaths to have the opportunity to talk about difficult situations/patients. Many osteopaths (Jane included) work on their own and  patient confidentiality means it's often difficult to offload when a difficult case or situation arises.

So if you could benefit from talking to a professional about aspects of your work, why not book a session?
It can either be a regular offloading opportunity or just an ad-hoc session following a stressful situation.
These sessions can be in person but also via Messenger video or phone. 

Please book online, even when it is for a video session, so that a slot can be allocated. You can use either location to find the right day and time combination for you.
Facebook Messenger name is: Jane Allen (Allen Osteopathy) 

Please note - these sessions are for issues that are predominantly work related. For more personal counselling please see the main pages of this site and book accordingly.

If you can't find a time that suits you just contact us on 01206 237302 and leave your details and we'll get back as soon as possible