Walk & Talk - a different approach

Sometimes just the thought of spending an hour sitting across from a stranger, telling them your most intimate thoughts and feelings, is enough to put you off considering counselling.
So how about a different approach?
One which means that you can walk alongside each other, no pressure, in the fresh air? 

Walking has been shown to release endorphins, which are the 'feel good' hormones, add that to the benefits of simple exercise, getting the heart pumping and the vitamin D from the sunlight (even on a typical, British cloudy day) and you can see why research has shown it can reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety.
It can also enable you to multi-task, escaping our somewhat sedentary lifestyle and adding to your steps count.

So how does it work?

Our initial (FREE) consultation will need to either be in the therapy room (it's too hard to write and walk!) or over the phone, and then we can agree a date and time for your walk & talk session. We'll usually start from the room and head out on a pre-planned route, aiming to get back to the room within the session time. It's possible to meet at another location but this must be pre-arranged with plenty of notice and is dependent on other commitments. 
And if the weather's bad? Well we can either choose to do the session in the therapy room or put on suitable clothing and face the elements.

We'll always go at your pace, both physically and emotionally, and everything is covered by the usual confidentiality.

And whilst I'm trialling routes, I'm offering a special rate of £35 a session (max 3 sessions at this reduced rate) 

So why not contact me today and book that initial chat and get the ball rolling. What have you got to lose?